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What is a Beta Reader?

A beta reader is a reader who looks over a manuscript before it is published, with the intent of offering constructive criticism in the areas of:


            • Story Arc

             Characters/Character Development

            • Dialogue 

            • Clarity & Pacing 

            • Progression of novel


With the help of a beta reader, an author is given valuable feedback about his or her novel. Suggestions from a beta reader help authors to look at their novels from the perspective of a true reader. In other words, a beta reader approaches a manuscript with objectivity and no knowledge of the project prior to reading it. 

Why Should I Have A Beta Reader?

The simple truth in writing is that a writer won't always see the same things a reader will see in his or her piece. As an author, you may not realize that a character wasn't as realistic as you thought he or she was. Or maybe the way you described an event wasn't clear enough to create the scene you imagined.

By having a beta reader look through your novel before you publish, you can maximize the clarity and development of your novel, therefore making your project the best version of itself as possible.

Why choose "The Write Reason"?

The Write Reason seeks to help you make the best of your efforts. We believe that each story has potential and uniqueness. As authors, we also know the struggle and the beauty of writing--we know the blood, sweat, and tears that are put into creating a story.

When we read a manuscript, we read objectively. We give detailed commentary about specific scenes, characters, or other elements of your story. We give you helpful suggestions about what works and what may not work. We even offer what you can do to resolve any of the suggestions that we give you.

We don't read to get the job done. We read because we want you to succeed in your writing endeavors. That's why our beta reader services are completely free

Hear What People Have Said!

Vidhima Shetty, the primary beta reader in this valuable service for writers, provides a skillful analysis of fictional works through her identification with each character’s backstory to determine depth; her close reading of the text for accurate details; and her honest appraisal of the effectiveness of the plot and its conclusion—all the while giving supportive, targeted suggestions for improvement. Shetty is an enthusiastic final draft reader, with fresh eyes and a clear head to appreciate the overall impact of a work and yet make comments in a precise and helpful manner throughout the revision process. A delight!

~Kate Farrell, Author of Woman Wonder Tales and Strange Beauty

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