The Write Reason is all about finding the right way to channel your inner writer. Whether you're in middle school or babysitting your grandkids, we believe that the writer's journey is all the same. We all face the same struggles, we all have the same questions, and we all aspire to see ourselves as the writers we want to be. That's why we're dedicated to answering your questions and giving you the information that you need to do what exactly what electrifies you most: writing.

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Meet the Founder

Vidhima Shetty founded "The Write Reason" with the intention of helping writers discover the stories within themselves. From a young age, Vidhima has been influenced by authors such as Emerson, Hempel, King, and Carver, using writing as an outlet to understand the things that make us human. As the author of An Adolescent's Guide to ME/CFS and the editor in chief of two publications, Vidhima also seeks to make a tangible change through her words and hopes to pursue a career in journalism in the future. To find out more about the founder, visit vidhimashetty.com.


"If a story is in you, It has got to Come out." -William Faulkner